[2005] Papers (English)


[2005] Papers (English)

Author Ota T, Takamura T, Nagai Y, Bando Y, Usuda R
Title Significance of IA-2 antibody in Japanese type 1 diabetes: its association with GAD antibody
Journal Diabetes Res Clin Pract
Year 2005 Vol. 67 Page 63`69

Author Higashide T, Wada T, Sakurai M, Yokoyama H, Sugiyama K
Title Macular abnormalities and optic disk anomaly associated with a new PAX2 missense mutation
Journal Am J Ophthalmol
Year 2005 Vol. 139 Page 203`205

Author Sakai N, Wada T, Furuichi K, Iwata Y, Yoshimoto K, Kitagawa K, Kokubo S, Kobayashi M, Hara A, Yamahana J, Okumura T, Takasawa K, Takeda S, Yoshimura M, Kida H, Yokoyama H
Title Involvement of extracellular signal-regulated kinase and p38 in human diabetic nephropathy
Journal Am J Kidney Dis
Year 2005 Vol. 45 Page 54`65

Author Pillutla P, Hwang YC, Augustus A, Yokoyama M, Yagyu H, Johnston TP, Kaneki M, Ramasamy R, Goldberg IJ
Title Perfusion of hearts with triglyceride-rich particles reproduces the metabolic abnormalities in lipotoxic cardiomyopathy
Journal Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab
Year 2005 Vol. 288 Page E1229`E1235

Author Kimura A, Ishida Y, Wada T, Yokoyama H, Mukaida N, Kondo T
Title MRP-1 expression levels determine strain-specific susceptibility to sodium arsenic-induced renal injury between C57BL/6 and BALB/c mice
Journal Toxicol Appl Pharmacol
Year 2005 Vol. 203 Page 53`61

Author Ando H, Tsuruoka S, Yamamoto H, Takamura T, Kaneko S, Fujimura A
Title Regulation of cholesterol 7alpha-hydroxylase mRNA expression in C57BL/6 mice fed an atherogenic diet
Journal Atherosclerosis
Year 2005 Vol. 178 Page 265`269

Author Honda M, Shimazaki T, Kaneko S
Title La protein is a potent regulator of replication of hepatitis C virus in patients with chronic hepatitis C through internal ribosomal entry site-directed translation
Journal Gastroenterology
Year 2005 Vol. 128 Page 449`462

Author Fujii C, Nakamoto Y, Lu P, Tsuneyama K, Popivanova BK, Kaneko S, Mukaida N
Title Aberrant expression of serine/threonine kinase Pim-3 in hepatocellular carcinoma development and its role in the proliferation of human hepatoma cell lines
Journal Int J Cancer
Year 2005 Vol. 114 Page 209`218

Author Omi W, Nagai H, Takamura M, Okura S, Okajima M, Furusho H, Maruyama M, Sakagami S, Takata S, Kaneko S
Title Doppler tissue analysis of atrial electromechanical coupling in paroxysmal atrial fibrillation
Journal J Am Soc Echocardiogr
Year 2005 Vol. 18 Page 39`44

Author Kawaguchi K, Honda M, Yamashita T, Shirota Y, Kaneko S
Title Differential gene alteration among hepatoma cell lines demonstrated by cDNA microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization
Journal Biochem Biophys Res Commun
Year 2005 Vol. 329 Page 370`380

Author Matsuda M, Nakamoto Y, Suzuki S, Kurata T, Kaneko S
Title Interferon-gamma-mediated hepatocarcinogenesis in mice treated with diethylnitrosamine
Journal Lab Invest
Year 2005 Vol. 85 Page 655`663

Author Umezawa Y, Ozawa T, Sato M, Inadera H, Kaneko S, Kunimoto M, Hashimoto S
Title Methods of Analysis for Chemicals that Disrupt Cellular Signaling Pathways: Risk Assessment for Potential Endocrine Disruptors
Journal Environ Sci
Year 2005 Vol. 12 Page 49`64

Author Ranalletta M, Jiang H, Li J, Tsao TS, Stenbit AE, Yokoyama M, Katz EB, Charron MJ.
Title Altered hepatic and muscle substrate utilization provoked by GLUT4 ablation
Journal Diabetes
Year 2005 Vol. 54 Page 935`943

Author Kahara T, Takamura T, Misaki T, Sakurai M, Takeshita Y, Shimizu A, Kaneko S
Title Relationship between Plasma hANP Level and Pretibial Edema by Pioglitazone Treatment
Journal Endocr J
Year 2005 Vol. 52 Page 373`376

Author Lunz JG 3rd, Tsuji H, Nozaki I, Murase N, Demetris AJ
Title An inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinase, stress-induced p21Waf-1/Cip-1, mediates hepatocyte mito-inhibition during the evolution of cirrhosis
Journal Hepatology
Year 2005 Vol. 41 Page 1262`1271

Author Akahori H, Ota T, Torita M, Ando H, Kaneko S, Takamura T
Title Tranilast prevents the progression of experimental diabetic nephropathy through suppression of enhanced extracellular matrix gene expression
Journal J Pharmacol Exp Ther
Year 2005 Vol. 314 Page 514`521

Author Shimizu M, Ohta K, Yang Y, Nakai A, Toma T, Saikawa Y, Kasahara Y, Yachie A, Yokoyama H, Seki H, Koizumi S
Title Glomerular proteinuria induces heme oxygenase-1 gene expression within renal epithelial cells
Journal Pediatr Res
Year 2005 Vol. 58 Page 666`671

Author Maruyama M, Takamura M, Takata S, Murai H, Usui S, Furusho H, Sakagami S, Yuasa T, Shimakura A, Kaneko S
Title Effect of pimobendan on cardiopulmonary baroreflex control of sympathetic nerve activity in healthy young men
Journal Auton Neurosci
Year 2005 Vol. 122 Page 100`106

Author Honda M, Kawai H, Shirota Y, Yamashita T, Takamura T, Kaneko S
Title cDNA microarray analysis of autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis and consecutive disease manifestation
Journal J Autoimmun
Year 2005 Vol. 25 Page 133`140

Author Maniratanachote R, Shibata A, Kaneko S, Yamamori I, Wakasugi T, Sawazaki T, Katoh K, Tokudome S, Nakajima M, Yokoi T
Title Detection of autoantibody to aldolase B in sera from patients with troglitazone-induced liver dysfunction
Journal Toxicology
Year 2005 Vol. 216 Page 15`23

Author Iida H, Honda M, Kawai HF, Yamashita T, Shirota Y, Wang BC, Miao H, Kaneko S
Title Ephrin-A1 expression contributes to the malignant characteristics of ƒฟ-fetoprotein producing hepatocellular carcinoma
Journal Gut
Year 2005 Vol. 54 Page 843`851

Author Ando H, Yanagihara H, Sugimoto K, Hayashi Y, Tsuruoka S, Takamura T, Kaneko S, Fujimura A
Title Daily rhythms of P-glycoprotein expression in mice
Journal Chronobiol Int
Year 2005 Vol. 22 Page 655`665

Author Ando H, Yanagihara H, Hayashi Y, Obi Y, Tsuruoka S, Takamura T, Kaneko S, Fujimura A
Title Rhythmic messenger ribonucleic acid expression of clock genes and adipocytokines in mouse visceral adipose tissue
Journal Endocrinology
Year 2005 Vol. 146 Page 5631`5636

Author Ando H, Tsuruoka S, Yanagihara H, Sugimoto K, Miyata M, Yamazoe Y, Takamura T, Kaneko S, Fujimura A
Title Effects of grapefruit juice on the pharmacokinetics of pitavastatin and atorvastatin
Journal Br J Clin Pharmacol
Year 2005 Vol. 60 Page 494`497

Author Shozu M, Minami N, Yokoyama H, Inoue M, Kurihara H, Matsushima K, Kuno K
Title ADAMTS-1 is involved in normal follicular development, ovulatory process and organization of the medullary vascular network in the ovary
Journal J Mol Endocrinol
Year 2005 Vol. 35 Page 343`355

Author Kurita S, Sakurai M, Kita Y, Ota T, Ando H, Kaneko S, Takamura T
Title Measurement of thyroid blood flow area is useful for diagnosing the cause of thyrotoxicosis
Journal Thyroid
Year 2005 Vol. 15 Page 1249`1252

Author Hayashida K, Daiba A, Sakai A, Tanaka T, Kaji K, Inaba N, Ando S, Kajiyama N, Terasaki H, Abe A, Ogasawara M, Kohara M, Harada M, Okanoue T, Ito S, Kaneko S
Title Pretreatment prediction of interferon-alfa efficacy in chronic hepatitis C patients
Journal Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol
Year 2005 Vol. 3 Page 1253`1259

Author Yang X, Lu P, Fujii C, Nakamoto Y, Gao JL, Kaneko S, Murphy PM, Mukaida N
Title Essential contribution of a chemokine, CCL3, and its receptor, CCR1, to hepatocellular carcinoma progression
Journal Int J Cancer
Year 2005 Vol. 118 Page 1869`1876

Author Ogata K, Ide T, Kumashiro R, Kumada H, Yotsuyanagi H, Okita K, Akahane Y, Kaneko S, Tsubouchi H, Tanaka E, Moriwaki H, Nishiguchi S, Kakumu S, Mizokami M, Iino S, Sata M
Title Timing of interferon therapy and sources of infection in patients with acute hepatitis C
Journal Hepatol Res
Year 2005 Vol. 34 Page 35`40

Author Asano M, Nishie T, Miyaishi O, Azuma H, Kameyama A, Naruse C, Hashimoto N, Yokoyama H, Narimatsu H, Wada T
Title Characterization of serum IgA in beta4GalT-I-deficient mice developing IgAN-like disease
Journal Nephrology (Carlton)
Year 2005 Vol. 10 Page A429`

Author Kobayashi H, Dubois S, Sato N, Sabzevari H, Sakai Y, Waldmann TA, Tagaya Y
Title Role of trans-cellular IL-15 presentation in the activation of NK cell-mediated killing, which leads to enhanced tumor immunosurveillance
Journal Blood
Year 2005 Vol. 105 Page 721`727

Author Park JM, Terabe M, Sakai Y, Munasinghe J, Forni G, Morris JC, Berzofsky JA
Title Early role of CD4+ Th1 cells and antibodies in HER-2 adenovirus vaccine protection against autochthonous mammary carcinomas
Journal J Immunol
Year 2005 Vol. 174 Page 4228`4236

Author Tang H, Delgermaa L, Huang F, Oishi N, Liu L, He F, Zhao L, Murakami S
Title The transcriptional transactivation function of HBx protein is important for its augmentation role in hepatitis B virus replication
Journal J Virol
Year 2005 Vol. 79 Page 5548`5556

Author Honda M, Kawai H, Shirota Y, Yamashita T, Kaneko S
Title Differential gene expression profiles in stage I primary biliary cirrhosis
Journal Am J Gastroenterol
Year 2005 Vol. 100 Page 2019`2030

Author Tsuruoka S, Wakaumi M, Ioka T, Yamamoto H, Ando H, Sugimoto K, Fujimura A
Title Angiotensin II receptor blocker-induces blunted taste sensitivity: comparison of candesartan and valsartan
Journal Br J Clin Pharmacol
Year 2005 Vol. 60 Page 204`207

Author Kitoh Y, Ohmori M, Araki N, Miyashita F, Ando H, Kobayashi E, Sogawa N, Fujimura A
Title Dosing-time-dependent differences in lipopolysaccharide-induced liver injury in rats
Journal Chronobiol Int
Year 2005 Vol. 22 Page 987`996

Author Wakaumi M, Ishibashi K, Ando H, Kasanuki H, Tsuruoka S
Title Acute digoxin loading reduces ABCA8A mRNA expression in the mouse liver
Journal Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol
Year 2005 Vol. 32 Page 1034`1041

Author Tsuruoka S, Schwartz GJ, Ioka T, Yamamoto H, Ando H, Fujimura A
Title Citrate reverses cyclosporin A-induced metabolic acidosis and bone resorption in rats
Journal Am J Nephrol
Year 2005 Vol. 25 Page 233`239

Author Fuchizaki U, Ohta H, Kaneko S.
Title Image of the month. Gastric signet-ring-cell carcinoma with leptomeningeal carcinomatosis.
Journal Gastroenterology
Year 2005 Vol. 128 Page 1773`2181

Author Imai MA, Kawahara E, Katsuda S, Yamashita T
Title Berry splenic artery aneurysm rupture in association with segmental arterial mediolysis and portal hypertension
Journal Pathol Int
Year 2005 Vol. 55 Page 290`295

Author Tsuji H, Hiramatsu K, Minato H, Kaneko S, Nakanuma Y
Title Auxiliary partial orthotopic liver transplantation with de novo autoimmune hepatitis in the allograft and leftover primary biliary cirrhosis in the native liver
Journal Semin Liver Dis
Year 2005 Vol. 25 Page 371`377

Author Kahara T, Nagata Y, Akahori H, Usuda R
Title Type 1 diabetes mellitus following acute myocardial infarction in a young adult
Journal Intern Med
Year 2005 Vol. 44 Page 897`898

Author Hamaguchi E, Nishimura Y, Kaneko S, Takamura T
Title Subacute thyroiditis developed in identical twins two years apart
Journal Endocr J
Year 2005 Vol. 52 Page 559`562

Author Honda M, Kaneko S
Title Transcriptome analysis of liver cancer
Year 2005 Vol. Page 155`167

Author Wada T, Furuichi K, Matsushima K, Yokoyama H, Kaneko S
Title Inflammatory insight into ischemia-reperfusion injury in kidney
Journal Recent Res. Devel. Resp Critical Care Med.
Year 2005 Vol. Page 1`10

Author Sakai N, Wada T, Yokoyama H, Kaneko S
Title Crescentic glomerulonephritis as vasculitis in kidney:the involvement of chemokines and MAPK signaling
Journal Recent Res. Devel Resp. Critical Care Med
Year 2005 Vol. Page 11`19